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"Mail To Everyone In-Line Behind You... OR... Leap Over 7793 Members
Ahead Of You & Mail To Them Too!"

To: Marketers, Advertisers & Entrepreneurs.
From: Gilly Linge

They say "The Money Is In The List".

But, now, the money is in YOUR list!

You're about to lock in on an INSTANT, massive list of your very own.  A remarkable and unique list that will drive high quality converting traffic directly to your websites increasing your traffic, signups and your sales by up to 200% or more!

And best of all My List Frog is 100% FREE to join!

My List Frog is the list builder the internet has been
looking for, for a VERY long time..

My List Frog has taken prospecting and finding new clients to a whole new level. You're about to reach more people and faster than any other program you've used in the past.

My List Frog is truly a revolutionary new system. Imagine a list that allows you to blast your ads to everyone that joins after you...

And then..

Leap ahead of all the people in front of you!  You will be able to mail to everyone that you just leaped over!

Well you can stop imagining, because it's going to be all yours in about 90 seconds.

But hold on, we're still not done..

My List Frog also includes an incredible system, that I know you are going to absolutely love!

It's called The Viral Text Ad System and this will literally drive THOUSANDS of visitors to your offers within minutes...and all by the work of all of our members using our unique Viral Text Ad Link Cloaker System! Example

Your ads will be displayed across thousands of sites ALL OVER the world within seconds! On top of that, the VTALCS displays your My List Frog affiliate link gaining you MASSIVE sign ups and very generous commissions to boot!

Here's just SOME of the amazing features you now have at your fingertips with My List Frog.
  • Mail to members that join after you!

  • Leap over prospects ahead of you, then mail them all!

  • Four incredible membership levels!

  • Free members mail to 400 members every 9 days!

  • Platinum members mail to 1,500 members every 7 days!

  • Diamond members mail to 3,000 members every 5 days!

  • Elite members mail to all members that join after them every 3 days!
    But... Elite members can mail ALL members if they leap to the top of the list!

  • Email Your Referrals 10 Levels Deep Every 7 Days! (All Membership Levels)

  • Free members earn 15% commissions on first level referral sales!

  • Platinum members earn 25% commissions on first level referral sales!

  • Diamond members earn 40% commissions on first level referral sales!

  • Elite members earn 55% commissions on first level referral sales!

  • Members can earn monthly residual commissions!

  • Downline builder system that allows you to enter up to FIVE of your favorite programs to your referrals!

  • Powerful Viral Text Ad System that sends immediate traffic to your sites instantly!

  • Incredible Viral Text Ad Link Cloaker that cloaks your websites/offers and gains you massive signups on My List Frog too! Sending traffic to your Viral Text Ad Link Cloaker allows you to earn Viral Text Ad Credits so that you can add your text/banner ads into the system and start receiving high end converting traffic and sales!

  • Full Page Ads system that allows you to advertise your website to all members of My List Frog at login! You control the amount of views per day!

  • Mail Control System gives you the ability to choose how much mail you want to receive each day from our List Mailer System!

  • You earn commissions on every single referral purchase at My List Frog, this is so amazing, and you'll make a killing just from them purchasing ad bundles & credits!

Best of all, our Solo Mailer, List Mailer, and Downline Mailer, ALL include a credit link -- this allows each member to earn credits that they can use to mail to members with, or leap over members into a much higher position allowing them to reach much more people at once!

You can bet, that with this type of system in place, that you will benefit immensely from our new customized system!

You will also be able to earn great commissions by referring members which you will also earn credits for referring members!


OMG! I just love this site! It is amazing just how great it has been for me!. I cannot say thank you enough for all the support you have given, and helped me understand! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
-Samara Troy

Without question, thousands of marketers are going to be rushing into My List Frog over the next few days and weeks ahead. Don't MISS OUT. Get in right now before them all because the sooner you do, the more people you will be able to mail to!

This is your marketing opportunity of a lifetime. My List Frog delivers and it's about to deliver for you. So join us right now. It's totally FREE to join!

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